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Better Silver Srl - Silver Chains & Bracelets

Better Silver Srl has been working in the silver industry for 25 years and it is now world leader in the production of silver chains.Today the company operates on all continents, reaching in all 70 countries, including the USA which leads the way. Better Silver's product line includes a vast range of basic and fancy silver chains which are available in different sizes and lengths to satisfy the needs of our customers. Thanks to the young ideas and to the product and technological innovation, Better Silver has now become synonymous with guarantee and reliability in the italian and foreign market.

Via San Benedetto 14/G
Bressanvid Vicenza
+39 0444 467711
+39 0444 467750

Stichworte: silver, chains, bracelets, necklaces, sterling silver, charms, jewellery, machine-made, silverware, silver fancy

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